Should I go to the doctor after a car accident?

Enduring personal injury as a result of a car accident can be one of the worst situations you could ever find yourself in.  Unfortunately, one of the ways in which many accident victims make the situation worse is not visiting a doctor within 72 hours (or as soon as possible) of the accident, regardless of how they feel.  This not only results in delay in treatment that can trigger various complications, but delaying a visit to a licensed doctor after the accident can lead to substantial delays in insurance claims. Hence, you should ensure that you are visiting the doctor, as soon as possible after the accident.  We have written about this before, but it’s so important that, to us, it’s worth stating again.  And again.  And again…

You are taking a grave risk with your health if you do not the doctor immediately

The most obvious consequence of delaying health diagnosis and possibly treatment after a car or truck accident is the increasing risk of developing further health compications. Instances of damages to the body parts and organs as well as catching acute pain can be some of the most commonly observed conditions in these cases. Where the real challenge occurs, of course, is not all of the after effects of any injury develop immiediately. From our experience, many victims of personal injury experience developing symptoms days, months or even years after the accident.

And while that risk may be unavoidable even with early health assessment, seeing an accident doctor immediately after the injury greatly reduces the risk as the professional not only (hopefully) has years of experience and personal knowledge, but will conduct a thorough check to evaluate the extent of risk and threats that you may experience. These doctors specialize in such cases and they can offer you solutions to the physical troubles that are immediately observed and offer transparent dialogue about ones that may arise.  Ideally, like Personal Injury Doctor Now, they will have multiple services available, but one of the most important is consulting the providers of pain management as invariably any accident will usher in some discomfort.

Your insurer may not honor your insurance claim if you don’t go the doctor immediately after the accident

As if personal health risk wasn’t enough, not seeing the doctor immediately after an automobile accident will likely land you in trouble in terms of the settlement of the insurance claims.  The concern of the initial cost is often cited as a reason accident victims to not visit a doctor, but keep in mind that your insurance policy likley has a provision to pay for the injuries that you incur from an accident, so any well documented costs incurred as a result of a vehicle accident, including initial medical examinations, will likely be reimbursed.

Remember, when opening an insurance claim on a vehicle accident, you will likely be required to producing some medical documents to support your claim. This may include the xray report or MRI report, as well as, the bills for the medical services you paid for so be sure to keep physical and digital copies of these, if possible.  It is possible the insurance company can/will work with the medical clinic directly, but it’s always best to have your own copies, as well.  If you are able to produce these documents, the claim raising process may be delayed or not completed, at all.

In this regard, please understand that insurers expect the policy holders to approach the accident doctor directly and within 72 hours from the time the accident, not the time the injury presents.

Your lawyer will find difficulties in winning you compensation for your injuries

When you are in a car accident you can typically claim compensation from the party-at-fault for your injuries, but this needs to go through your insurance and often will require filing of a formal court case either directly by you or by the insurance company on your behalf.  To initiate the proceedings, your lawyer will be required to produce sets of medical documents before the court and either you or your personal injury doctor will serve those documents to your lawyer, but either way, not having those documents will only work against you and, possibly, make it impossible to build a winnable case.

Which accident doctor should you see?

One of the first topics that comes up after a car accident is which doctor should I see?  While we’d concede there is no shortage of medical resources available, we’d also argue there is absolutely a shortage of experienced and inury-specialized professionally licensed medical practices that pride themselves on end to end care, including billing questions and concerns.  We understand that finding a reliable and trustworthy accident doctor may be a challenge in your area, but still, ultimately, it is up to you to do the research to find the very best.  With todays’s fast past Internet driven society, it’s fairly easy to search for ‘personal injury doctor’ in your area.  Combine that with positive social media reviews and a wide range of services and whether you choose Personal Injury Doctors Now or not, rest assured you’ve taken a strong first step to full recovery from your car accident.

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