Nobody plans to get in a car accident.  It just happens (hence the name term accident!).  It may be your fault or it might be the other car driver, but regardless, accidents are events that occur on a daily basis. They are bad occurrences and events that can lead to injuries of various magnitudes, loss of property and loss of life.  An example is car accident that occurs when cars collide with other cars, property, or, sadly, people. The impact of these types of car accidents could be disastrous, leading to loss of property, injuries (both temporary and permanent) and, worst of all, loss of life.

Sometimes, however, the aftermath of car accidents for survivors can be pretty bad, dramatically changing the course of a person’s life. For example, survivors of accidents can be inflicted with various injuries that can make them incapacitated for a season of for the remainder of their life, which not on changes their life, but the life of those around them.  And while those types of injuries are not typical, they are devastating.  A slightly less devastating (and typical) post car crash symptom is strong and constant headaches.

The headaches could be as a result of injuries sustained on the head or whiplash. These headaches tend to make victims and survivors very uncomfortable as they are usually strong and constant. Furthermore, the headaches might also make it difficult for victims and survivors of car accidents to return to their normal life. In almost no time, these people go from healthy and happy to living in fear and, often, lacking the self-esteem and confidence to live normally in a society. Victims and survivors of car accidents that experience such headaches after being involved in car accidents are advised to visit medical practitioners to ensure that solutions are found.

Causes of Headaches After Car Accidents

The common causes of headaches after accidents include:

  1. Concussion: This is an injury to a part of the body, most especially the brain. The brain becomes unable to function properly.
  2. Hypertension: This is a disorder of abnormally high blood pressure.
  3. Whiplash: This is an injury to the upper spine caused by a violent jerk of the head in either a backward or forward or side to side direction
  4. Blow to the head in the car accident

Why Whiplash Causes Headaches

Whiplash causes headaches because of the nerves, tendons and muscles around the neck become inflamed and irritated. The nerves and tendons serve as a connection and link between the neck and head; hence, one can experience headaches after one suffers whiplash in a car accident. The pain experienced usually begins from the next and moves to the head. The headaches experienced as a result of whiplash can last for a long time and these headaches can be accompanied by even more painful and discomforting neck pain.

Types of Headaches Experienced as a Result of Car Accidents

Victims and survivors of car accidents tend to experience various kinds of headaches after being involved in car accidents. These headaches vary by magnitudes and level of pain. The pain associated with these headaches are also different as they last for a different amount of time. These headaches include:

  1. Sympathetic Nerve Dysfunction: This is caused as a result of the damage to person’s cervical nerve truck
  2. Analgesic Rebound: This is the aftermath of over using medications. It also a side effect of the use of medications for whiplash pain
  3. Migraines: They are very common with whiplash. One begins to experience migraine within hours or days after experiencing the car accident.
  4. Vascular Headaches: This happens when one has an abnormal or poor cerebral circulation. The abnormal or poor cerebral circulation could occur months after sustaining whiplash injury in a car accident.

Could Having Headaches Mean That One Has a Closed Type Head Injury?

Closed type head injuries are ones sustained on the cranium. They are injuries that do not show on the outer part of the head. They are not like cuts or abrasion on the leg. Close type head injuries are ones that cannot be seen; hence, people are advised to visit their doctors when they notice they experience pain in or on the head that are more than “just” headaches. Their doctor can order a cat scan or MRI to ascertain the kind of closed head injury that one is experiencing. The scan would also enable a doctor know the necessary steps to be taken to treat the injury.

In these cases, CT or CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scans are very important and beneficial. They help to disclose the following conditions:

  1. Determine the cause weakness, headaches and change in one’s mental status
  2. Look at injured and malformed blood vessels in the head
  3. Make an evaluation of the sinuses, pineal gland and pituitary gland
  4. Information of the size, location and presence of tumors, cysts and abscesses
  5. Conditions in the brain like bleeding, inflammation, swelling and any signs of injuries

Have you been involved in a car accident and experiencing headaches? If so, it is advisable you visit a doctor. You might think the headaches are just normal, but there is a real possibility it could be more.  In either case, the good news is it is likely treatable.

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